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Observational Learning

Describes the process of learning through watching others, retaining the information, and then later replicating or avoiding the behaviors that were observed.

When Wayne and Tamara Mitchell began their column in 1999, it was with the intent of answering each letter in a way that gives the reader deeper understanding.

As they have often said, they want to help people become students of relationships, so they can answer their own questions.

Reading each letter is like sticking your hand into a box of unknown contents. When you confront the letter writer’s problem, you learn what the box contains, and consider how you might deal with it.

That is what advice is all about—turning the advice over in your mind and deciding if it makes sense to you. You decide if it touches you or not. You decide if it offers help, or if it is just the same old thing with no understanding behind it.

That is how you determine the quality of the advice giver.

Wayne & Tamara love hearing from readers, so please feel free to contact yhem.


About Wayne & Tamara

Tamara was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, close to where she grew up. Wayne is from St. Louis, Missouri.

They were brought together by a precious, wise, wild, white Samoyed named Simone. 

Simone had been in a tragic accident. She was shot in the face and near death. (Who shot her with a shotgun remains a mystery.) 

A wonderful vet saved her life, but she needed 24-hour care after the incident. Tamara provided that care, while Wayne travelled on business.

The event brought Wayne & Tamara together. And they fell in love. (After Wayne & Tamara married, Simone took all the credit.)

And here she is, sitting in the driver’s seat with that knowing smile, on their wedding day.