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Week # 1,113   – August 10, 2020

Changing Sleds

     Last night my boyfriend of three years dropped a bombshell on me. He is concerned about how comfortable we have become. He expressed doubts about our relationship and where it is [...]

“One of the problems with liars is they can cause you to doubt your own sanity. They deny so strongly you doubt yourself, even when what they say can’t possibly be true.”

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Wayne and Tamara

Direct Answers is the weekly relationship advice column by Wayne and Tamara Mitchell.

The column began in April 1999 …

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Week # 1,112  – August 3, 2020

Tell-Tale Heart

     My husband and I dated four years before we got married. We had such an amazing relationship.  When I met him I was in a relationship already, [...]

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Neither A Borrower…

     I am a hairstylist with a shop in my home. I also sell jewelry and hair care products. The other day a client I've known 15 years inquired about my jewelry on behalf of her friend.      She [...]

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