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Week # 1,124   – October 26, 2020

The Cruelest Crime

     I need some advice on an upcoming family event. Eight years ago my husband and I discovered that our three boys, ages four to seven, were being sexually abused by an older cousin. We informed family, who chose not to believe us, and then we informed the authorities.     [...]

New Book October 2020

Whether you find yourself in an age gap relationship or contemplate being in one, this book is for you.

Age Difference Relationships: When Is the Gap Insurmountable? offers three principles as a guide to your age gap relationship and advice on how to tell others.

Wayne & Tamara Mitchell can tell you that being distant in age is not a guarantee of failure, just as being close in age is not a guarantee of success. But some factors matter more than others, and some of what they say may surprise you.

Through case histories, you will experience what we all experience, our awakening to love from crushes to infatuation to genuine love.

Wayne and Tamara

Direct Answers is the weekly relationship advice column by Wayne and Tamara Mitchell.

You ask yourself, “How can I stop infidelity from ruining my life? ”or “How do I cope with this nightmare?”

First, you need to know why the pain response is there and why you feel as you do. Until then, it will be difficult for you to move on. Understanding your pain will change your way of thinking almost immediately.

In Cheating in a Nutshell, Wayne and Tamara Mitchell explain the source of your pain.


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Week # 1,123  – October 19, 2020


     Hopefully, you can help. I am 54 and my fiancée is 40. We are very much in love. I was widowed two years ago, and she divorced [...]

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From the Ashes

     I am 19 and one of three children. My parents divorced when I was four, and they have had a fiery, bitter relationship throughout the years. They are not even on speaking terms.      My parents are both [...]

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