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Week # 1,093   – March 23, 2020

Marshmallow Man

[Last week Martin explained how he ended up married to Nora, his wife. This week he continues his story where he left off, about to meet Zoey, the woman he is infatuated with, [...]

“…people tend to speak of betrayal as if it is one act, but even the simplest act of betrayal, the one-night stand, involves dozens of mental acts. A short affair involves hundreds, or, more likely, thousands of mental acts of deceit and duplicity.”


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Wayne and Tamara

Direct Answers is the weekly relationship advice column by Wayne and Tamara Mitchell.

The column began in April 1999 and within two years appeared in newspapers in more than a dozen countries.

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Week # 1,092   – March 16, 2020

Slip Slidin’ Away

     A decade ago, I met my future wife, Nora. She was introverted and I am extroverted, so we were intrigued in learning each other’s ways. Things became [...]

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Spoiled By Lies

     I am 22 and have been dating my boyfriend two years. Things are going well. We are both very much in love and trust each other very much.      Sometimes I chat with people over Facebook because I'm [...]

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