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Week # 1,102   – May 25, 2020

Reddit: Am I The Ass—-?

     I'm a 33-year-old DWM (divorced 2.5 years). She is a DWF, 27.      Here is my situation. She broke up with my best friend three weeks ago, and he was [...]

” It’s not that liars don’t value the truth. They do. What gives them power is that others are truthful while they are lying… When cheaters lie, they force upon their victim something the injured party has not consented to.”


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Direct Answers is the weekly relationship advice column by Wayne and Tamara Mitchell.

The column began in April 1999 and within two years appeared in newspapers in more than a dozen countries.

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Week # 1,101   – May 18, 2020

A Sour Note

     I have a friend, for seven years now. We play music together and sing together with others at music sessions. We are not professional, but we play [...]

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Blood Feud

     I met my husband 10 years ago and at that time had a son, 2, from a previous relationship. We married and went on to have three more children.      My husband is a father to my son. [...]

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