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Week # 1,089   – February 24, 2020

Not the Whole Truth

      To make this as short as possible, I will summarize the last six years.      My current girlfriend cheated on me with her ex and got pregnant. Though she [...]

“The lies cheaters tell are often so juvenile or outlandish it’s hard for an outsider to under- stand how they could be believed. But the person betrayed doesn’t know the cheating script, and they are threatened with losing life as they know it– the life they hoped they would have. It is that life they try to cling to.”


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Direct Answers is the weekly relationship advice column by Wayne and Tamara Mitchell.

The column began in April 1999 and within two years appeared in newspapers in more than a dozen countries.

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Week # 1,088   – February 17, 2020

Her Final Answer

     My girlfriend of two months recently broke up with me saying she didn't have time to develop the relationship the way I deserved. She cried and said [...]

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     Where to start! I've been married 16 years, happily I thought. Like any other marriage we've had ups and downs, but nothing major. Three and a half years ago my husband, 39, had an emotional affair. I confronted him. [...]

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