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This Week - Novel Advice

I've been going out with my girlfriend six months. She is an alcoholic and possibly bulimic. The problem is she seems to constantly lie, which is probably due to the alcohol. However, the biggest problem is when we arrange to do something, she manages to ruin it by "oversleeping" or forgetting we made the arrangement.

I ring her and leave messages, but she will wait two hours before calling back. Before you ask, she works from home and is not busy. I think in a relationship with your significant other, you answer the phone. I am trying to work out if she is messing me around or actually loves me as she says.


Luke, the novelist Nelson Algren once offered three pieces of advice: never play poker with a stranger named Doc, never eat at a restaurant called Mom's, and never sleep with a woman who has more problems than you do. The third item on the list, broadened to include both sexes, would make the quote perfect.


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Last Week - Wheelman

My best friend told me she was going to hang out with her boss's son. She asked me to cover for her with her boyfriend. If her boyfriend called, I was to say she's with me but in the shower or something like that. I didn't have a problem because I'd covered for her in the past.

The next day on the freeway she said she had something to tell me. She had sex a few times with her boss's son the night before. When I asked if this was a one time thing, she said it wasn't and she was going to see him again. Now I feel torn by the knowledge I have to keep from her boyfriend.


Cindy, you're an oven mitt in your friend's kitchen. She thinks your function is to keep her from getting burned.

You cannot let another destroy your character. Don't let her make you a liar, a hypocrite, and an accomplice in her behavior. In an armed robbery the driver of the getaway car is just as culpable as the one who held the weapon.


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Two Weeks Ago - Jack And Jill

I have been best friends with Penny since high school. A few years later I became good friends with Jack. A year after this Penny and Jack began dating. I moved across the country and maintained both friendships through phone calls. However when I returned home, things changed.

I was suddenly single, and Jack professed he'd had feelings for me since we met. One night we went out together, and he got drunk. When I took him home, he groped me. I would have let it slide, considering his condition. But after getting him inside his apartment, he pulled me down on his bed. I immediately left, but kept the information to myself, not wanting to make waves.

We stopped spending time together. I cannot be friends with a man who will so easily cheat on his girlfriend. This week, while visiting Penny, she asked why I don't speak to her boyfriend anymore. Apparently Jack told her I have thrown our friendship away, and Penny is upset. I don't know what to tell her. She is considering marrying this man but telling the truth may lose her friendship


Hailey, sometimes you can't win for losing, but when you have to lose, it's better to lose with the truth. Talk to Penny. Tell her three things. One, why you have to tell her what you are telling her. Two, what occurred with Jack. Three, why you didn't want to tell her.

Why must you tell? Because Jack is complaining to Penny without telling her why you are giving him the cold shoulder. Jack is lying to Penny because he wants to use her to get to you.

Penny may not believe you, and Jack will continue to lie. You cannot control their actions, but you can act to protect yourself. What do you know. It's unsafe to be alone with Jack.


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