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Monday August 29, 2016 - Week #907

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In Good Time

I go to a church camp every summer for a week. Last year I met this boy, Bob, a counselor. He was 20, I was 16. I poked fun at him and we became good friends. We talked on Facebook. One day he gave me his number…continue reading

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New Every Wednesday

- Mitigating Factors -

I am writing for advice on a personal dilemma of the most personal nature. I am male, mid-40s, married 20 years. After all these years, I still long to make love to my wife…continue reading

Short and Sweet

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Cheating In A Nutshell

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A preview of Wayne & Tamara's new book about infidelity. The tentative title of the book is Cheating In A Nutshellcontinue reading